December 2021

Researchers manage to emit laser-light from thin structure at room temperature, could enable future valleytronics devices

Researchers from the University of Oldenburg, managed to create a three-atoms-thick structure that emits laser-like light, at room temperature, for the first time. The researchers believe that coherent light emission from ultathin crystals could enable valleytronics devices in the future.

Oldenburg Unviersity: room-temperature laser, WSe2-hBN

To create the light, the researchers used exciton-polaritons particles, formed from the strong interaction between confined photons and electrons. The structure itself is made from a single-layer of a WSe2 crystal, that sits on top of a hBN 2D layer. The idea is that the exciton-polaritons are created in a trap in the WSe2 and then captured and reflected by two distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) that act as mirrors.

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